Parts & Service

Parts & Service


Steel Smith Supply's technical service personnel are highly proficient in the industry, bringing skills, knowledge, and experience that comprise many years of hands-on learning only gained in the production of the machines and out in the field meeting every-day challenges. 



We offer an extensive preventative maintenance program for all of our clients. We also work on Electrical Services and Mechanical Upgrades for all after-market machining equipment. 

Rebuilding and Upgrades

If your machine can't keep tolerance because of wear on bed ways, but still has a solid structure, do not rush to buy a new one.

Main reasons to restore your older/worn out machine.

  • The major price difference between new machine and rebuilding.
  • The machine will be installed back in the same place.
  • Operator familiarity with the machine.
  • Tolerance will be back as on a new machine.
  • Hard to get the same rigid machine. Newer machines usually do not offer the same solid casting as older machines.