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We sell a variety of abrasives

Sanding Belts

Sanding belts are one of the most common sanding products today and an improvement over traditional hand sanding methods, using sheets of sandpaper. Sanding belts are available in many sizes, which are sometimes determined by the industry or machine manufacturer. We can provide almost any size, starting in widths of 1/4" and wider, to whatever length you require. Just let us know your width, length, and grit.

Flap Wheels

Commonly used for blending and finishing applications, in hard to reach areas, where a larger disc or wheel won't wit. Flexible, durable, X weight cotton backing improves finishing performance.


Available in many styles, sizes and materials, from flap discs and quick change discs, to resin fibre, hook and loop paper, PSA cloth and more, there's a disc to fit your machining needs. Abrasive discs can provide the finest of finishing, or the most aggressive stock removal on metal, wood, plastics and composites.

Cut Off Wheel

Our offering of Cut Off Wheels includes thin cut off wheels in diameters 1" through 7" and large diameter cut off wheels, for stationary machines. Used for all metal applications, including aluminum, stainless, and specialty steels.

Cup Stone and semi-flex discs

Our Semi-Flex Discs and Cup stones provide the right product for cleaning and grinding concrete. Cup stones give a very high stock removal rate, making them ideal for coarse and aggressive grinding. Semi-Flex Grinding discs should be used with a spiral rubber backing pads of the same size.

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    Technical Information of Abrasive Types:

    Aluminum Oxide

    A tough and durable man-made abrasive characterized by the long life and wear resistance of its cutting edges. It offers enormous penetrating strength, even at high speeds. Applications:

    • Ferrous Metals
    • Hardwood
    • Aluminum

    Silicon Carbide

    The hardest and sharpest of the manufactured abrasives. because of its extreme sharpness, the bluish-black abrasive grain permits fast stock removal and cool cut. Applications:

    • Non Ferrous metals, i.e. Brass, Aluminum, and Bronze
    • Non-metallics, i.e. glass, rubber, plastic, and stone
    • Final finish on wood and stainless steel
    • Abrasive planing particle board
    • Cast iron
    • Fiberglass

    Zirconia Alumina

    An ultra-tough synthetic abrasive which provides a free, cool cut for high stock removal applications. It's tougher, but sharper than aluminum oxide, with micro-crystalline structure which allows for controlled breakdown and self sharpening. This bluish-gray abrasive is available in coarse (24-120) grits only. Applications:

    • Heavy duty snagging and grinding of all ferrous and non ferrous metals
    • Abrasive planing of wood, plywood and particle board
    • Grinding fiberglass, rubber, and plastics


    Reddish brown in colour. This natural abrasive is medium hard and relatively sharp, but not as durable as man-made (synthetic) abrasives. Applications:

    • For use on wood only
    • Particularly good for soft sappy woods such as pine
    • Produces an excellent finish


    a dark grey round shaped grain which tends to polish rather than scrape or wear away a work surface. Applications:

    • For polishing and cleaning metal only


    Iron Oxide is very soft natural abrasive which is red in colour. Applications:

    • For fine polishing soft metals such as gold